The Lunar Flux is an IC event that marks a restructuring of the worlds on the board that occurred April 2012. Lunar Flux Worlds refers to both the worlds that were restructured and those that were brought in the Multiverse after the event. For the most part, characters did not really notice a difference in existing worlds, as this change only condensed territories that were already on the same world, or is its own large country. Some worlds had their questing options expanded; which were only recognizable by characters as updates in planetary transportation networks and the Shy Guys updating their maps.

The most significant change to be brought about by the Lunar Flux (other than the arrival of the Terra Cluster worlds) is that at the end of it, the Shy Guys finally revealed proper names for the world clusters: Terra Cluster, Dream Cluster, Monarch Cluster, Binary Cluster, Crossroad Cluster, Cerberus Cluster, Arcana Cluster, and Deep Space.

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