The Celestial Guardians are a large faction which resulted from the fusion of the Multiverse Garden, Altruistic Valorians, and Lunar Shield. They are by far the largest faction currently, having all the members and regions of those three factions, and also the most renowned. Their main goal is to protect the Multiverse from any threats.

They currently have a tentative truce with the Lords of Midnight.

Faction HistoryEdit

Multiverse InvolvementEdit

The first action taken by the collective group after the merger was to attempt to deal with the sudden arrival of mysterious Celestial Upheaval. While much of it was spontaneous arrival in various areas, Shadow and Aqua headed to Spira to see if they couldn't take or at least disrupt the Lords of Midnight's hold over Bevelle. During the course of their attempt, the two were sucked into a completely different world.

When the New Valorians first appeared, it was the Celestial Guardians that first made contact with them.


The Celestial Guardians' main headquarters is the Space Colony ARK, especially for the part of the faction which used to be the Altruistic Valorians. The Ark (which isn't the same thing) is used more by the ex-Lunar Shield members, and of course there's the Multiverse Garden for those.

Members and RolesEdit

The members are generally separated by which of the three subfactions they are a part of.

Altruistic ValoriansEdit

Lunar ShieldEdit

Multiverse GardenEdit

Former MembersEdit


They also have control of one or two regions on Pandemonium and Mundis Crystallis, though not enough to give them control of the worlds.

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