Status ailments, buffs, and debuffs are additional conditions that techniques inflict or endow. More than one of these conditions may be in effect on a character at a time, but none of them may stack with one of the same kind. For example, a general may have [Burn] and [Wound] in inflicted upon them, but they cannot have 2 instances of [Wound] at the same time. The larger numeric value of the status ailment, buff, or debuff the more effective it is.

The Rules section for Statuses is in Chapter 03. Also, see the FAQ.

Status AilmentsEdit

Status Ailments are usually used offensively, applying many debilitating effects to their target if they land. Of these, Tactician characters can only use [Break], [Soften], [Despair], [Dispel], and [Hinder].


Buffs are generally used defensively, on the user's party or themselves, applying many beneficial effects to strengthen the target.

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