Note: This article is about a faction which no longer exists.

The Legion was a villainous faction founded by Zexion, Jon Irenicus, and Mephistopheles.

Faction HistoryEdit

Legion was a faction made by some of the Multiverse's oldest villians (who were not already in Ascendancy); Zexion, Jon Irenicus, and Mephistopheles. Together, these three went around to all other factions with a message: "Join or die."

Multiverse InvolvementEdit

Legion kicked off the Faction Wars when three of their members attacked the Multiverse Garden. Shortly after, those members split off and formed the Harbingers of Caligousness.


Legion based themselves out of the Bastion of Darkness, on the southern pole of the Moon.

Members and RolesEdit

As the Legion has been disbanded, all members here are former.



External linksEdit

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