Applegeek s Thanksgiving Link by MicaSilverwind
Unlike Cuckoos, Turkeys don't swarm when one is attacked... I hope
Vital statistics
Participants Boardwide
Date Fourth Thursday in November
Location Demeter Plaza

Turkey Day is the multiverse equivalent to Thanksgiving, and occupies the same space on the calendar.

The eventEdit

Each year, the Shy Guys host a feast in a massive hall set aside in the Demeter Plaza. Citizens of the multiverse are able to stop by and eat their fill for free, and enough is cooked each year that each character is able to take home three restorative items. The feast marks beginning of the busiest period of the year for the Shy Guys.


Characters can get restoratives to gobble up (oh god, did I really make that joke?), but only for a limited, so don't delay!

See alsoEdit


Michael Wilson makes a habit of officially pardoning a turkey from consumption every year, either in a quest or PQ.

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