Previously, we were creating pages for any monster that could appear in the Multiverse and putting them into a Bestiary Catagory. This practice is to be discontinued as these articles were mostly stubs. The new practice is to edit the territory article, change the "Things to Attack" heading into "Bestiary", and start listing the monsters there. The Bestiary section should be a bulleted list and the names link back to a game wikia page. For example, the Goomba entry would link to the Goomba page on the Super Mario Wiki.

This saves us work, as 90% of the monsters on the board are unchanged from canon, and it completes our beastiaries.

When the whole species of monster changes on the board, it can be noted in the territory article. If a mod starts using a monster as a reoccuring character in quests, then an NPC page can be made for it.

Paused 19:14, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

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