Sometimes you just want a new section on a page that isn't in the template that will link up into the contents. There is a very easy way to make this happen in the non-code editor (the one that doesn't look like notepad).

  1. Press enter after the last sentence of the section that you wish to create a new section after.
  2. Type the title of the new section and press enter again. Pressing enter will make sure that you will have a space under the new title that will have the Normal font style applied to it.
  3. Highlight the title, go to the format drop-box on the top left of the edit box, and click Heading 2. The title will now look and function just like the current sections, even appearing in the contents box once you publish.
  4. Enter the new content for this section.
  5. Click Publish to finish editing.

I imagine that the main use of this action would be to add follower or vehicle sections to your character pages. You can even add silly sections like "People This Character has Kidnapped" if you want!

You can make sub headings within your sections to help navigation by using the Heading 3 font. So if I wanted to seperate Zelda's involvment section into "Before Marriage" and "After Marriage", I would just have to make the titles where I want them and apply the Heading 3 format to them. Once I publish, these two sections would appear in the contents box.

Paused 19:44, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

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