"Rich Text editting had been disabled due to complex code."

So of us have gotten this message and have been locked out of editting our pages in Visual Mode. You didn't even DO complex things on your page, so why are you getting this message? Well, it just seems like another Wikia hiccup to me. Fixing it, however, is a simple matter.

Your page is stuck on source mode. You will have to go through the page and remove any tag that is in these brackets: "<>". Some of you know that these brackets are used in html code, which is what they are here too. These tags are the complex code that are locking you out. You didn't put these tags in, the wiki did; most of them will be comment tags that are telling you what the description for a section on the page should be about. Once you think have gotten all the tags, hit the Visual Mode tab. If successful, then you can edit in that mode, but if you are still locked out, keep searching!

Sometimes, you can get away with only deleting the tags that say "!--Use Multiedit" and the "!--descr" tag that comes right after it. Both of these tags are just under the block of words that make up your infobox. Try removing them first and hitting the Visual Mode tab. Just like above, if it doesn't work, keep removing tags.

While you are at it, you should look for junk text in your page. Source mode allows you to use the spellcheckers that are built into the browser. It will help you find the "&npsrb" junk text that has appeared in the place of spaces on some of the pages. Simply highlight and hit the spacebar.

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