Character known by another name? Want a follower name to link back to a general's page? Is something now called something different? Well you can create redirect pages that will send users to the desired page, or even a section on that page.

ou make a new page and title it with the name or term that you think people will be typing in to find this something. In the edit box, enter:

/#/redirect [/[/Page Title/]/]

where Page title is the name of the page you want this one to redirect to. Remove the / symbols from my code. I've used this for B.B. Hood, so that the name Bulleta will lead to her page too.

To send the user to a section (say that I put a section for Kadaj on my Jenova page and want people to go straight to there when they search for him), you use:

/#/redirect [/[/Page title#Section/]/]

Where section is the heading 3 format that you used on your page, again removing the symbols. For an example of Heading 3 being used on a page, you can look at the Timeline page where each month is a level 3 heading. Notice how the months appear in the contents box.

Source: Wikia Help Article

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