On some of the pages, you can see differences in spacing between paragraphs. Why is this? Because wikia has hiccups. Most of these oddly spaced pages were created before wikia switched over to "facebook skin", so formatting got buggered up.

Which is correct? The one with less space, of course. The spacing here occurs when you hit the enter button after the end of the paragraph once, and it automatically gives the extra space between the two sentences. What is happening on the super spaced out paragraphs is that the enter key had been hit twice after a sentence, something we're used to doing when writing papers for class. What might have looked fine on the Monobook format looks obscene now.

How do I fix? In the edit screen, go to these paragraghs and notice how there is a full line of space for you to start typing in. Delete this space. If the paragraphs look too close together, you can try highlighting the text and reapply the Normal font style. You may require multiple edits in case wikia or your computer fails it (I have to do this a lot for spacing and hypering link hiccups).

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